Volunteer Opportunities
Resource Center Volunteers

We have opened a Resource Center for foster families. We have an assortment of different resources for families. We need volunteers one morning a week to help sort, fold and organize the clothes that are donated.  

This is a new part of our ministry and we are currently in the process of getting in up and running. Please contact Martha Timmons if you are interested in helping at the resource center at  marthapsiloveyou@gmail.com

Group Service Projects

Plan your next Service Project with PS I Love You. Our Clothing Closet & Resource Center is always looking for groups to help serve. We welcome groups ranging in size from 2-15 adults. Groups serve in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the closet at the time. 

Please contact Martha Timmons at marthapsiloveyou@gmail.com or call our office at 864-586-1161 for more information. 

Christmas Party

Sign-up to be an elf for our "Annual FPA Christmas Party” on December 6th at View Church. Elves must be 18 or older or accompanied by a parent. Please complete a background check only this out if you haven’t filled one out before and email missipsiloveyou@gmail.com.

Each December, we provide the "Elves" at the Annual FPA Christmas Party for the foster children in our county. As an Elf, you are assigned a foster family, you take the foster child or children to the toy room and activities at the party. This gives the foster parents a break. Such a fun event!