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Christmas - PS I Love You Ministries - Spartanburg, SC


Please help us by following the guidelines and making this year a season to remember!  We need a completed wish list for each foster child by October 8th.  Please complete these forms today so we can find sponsors for your children!


This year we are giving three toys max and a maximum of $150 per foster child.  

On the wish list form, you will have the opportunity to put clothing if they do not desire three toys.  Pickup from PS I Love You Ministries will be THE MORNING  OF Saturday, December 4th, which should give you plenty of time to supplement items before Christmas if needed.  On that day, we will also have gifts for our families as well!

If we are able to have a Christmas Party this year, it will also be on December 4th, in the evening.


Here are more guidelines:

- You must provide a contract for your child(ren) to receive any Christmas services from our ministry.

- The child's wish list will be submitted to their county DSS.  By submitting this form, you are in good faith acknoledging that you will NOT receive additional assistance from another source for Christmas 2021.

- If you have already sent a wishlist to another county’s DSS you are not eligible to receive additional assistance for that child through PS I Love You Ministries.

- If you have already sent a wishlist to Spartanburg DSS, we already have them.

- If you do not submit a wishlist, your family is still eligible for a Christmas Family Bag on December 4th.  Please email us requesting a bag:

- Please note, after you complete the form stating that you will not receive assistance from another agency, we will submit all agreements to those said agencies.

- On the form, you will also see required sizes for pajamas, underwear/diapers/pull ups, shoes, and coats.  So please have these sizes handy when you begin the form.  

- If you would like to add a link to the toy/clothing please feel free to do so.  We would love to make every child’s wish and complete every list!

- Once you complete and submit the form, it will give you the opportunity to do another form for an additional child.

The deadline has past, but contact
for access if you have a new placement

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