Stories of Love

PS I Love You® Ministries is a faith based not-for-profit organization that desires to demonstrate God's heart in Psalm 68:5 to be a 'Father to the Fatherless'. The organization was founded in 2009 by two ordinary couples with a desire to make a difference in the lives of children. This desire was driven by their experience as foster parents.

"After our second foster baby..."

"After our second foster baby, we were asked if we could take on a third child. My wife called, and I said let’s pray about it, thinking this was a good stall tactic to weigh the options. I gave her a list of things that we would need – diapers, car seat, clothes, etc. Within 30 minutes our phone rang and a call came from P.S. I Love You Ministries. They called us and said they had heard we might be getting another baby and asked if we would need diapers, a car seat, clothes, etc.? They quoted my list in the order that I had presented it to my wife. I told her, let’s do it. I also told God, “I get it.” People ask how we do it, how we let them go. We tell them it is hard, but the blessings outweigh the hurt. I can truly say that this process has made me draw closer to God, as I do a lot more praying now than I used to. I pray whenever I think of one of our little ones. I pray for their families, the newly adopted families, and I also pray and thank God for those who support Foster Parents. I am especially grateful for P.S. I Love You Ministries, as they have been a support group unlike any I have ever seen. As I have told many people, those involved with P.S. I Love You Ministries live their religion and love what they are doing. From the annual Christmas party for Foster families, to having supplies and clothing, they reach out and show what the love of Jesus Christ is all about. They don’t just talk about it, they live it." - Steve & Shayna Blackwell, Spartanburg County Foster Parents

"Care bags are just what my husband..."

"Care bags are just what my husband and I needed when we learned we were getting new foster children. The care bags were filled with items that we needed to meet the needs of the children we were receiving. The best part about a care bag, from PS I Love You, is knowing the children coming into our home, are being prayed over before, during, and after the packing and delivery." Thank You PS I Love You Ministries!
- Jason & Kelly McLean

“I just wanted to take a few minutes and share..."

“I just wanted to take a few minutes and share with you what it meat to our family for PSILOVEYOU to buy a set of bunkbeds for us. We have a little girl in our home we have had since August. We had been working with the case worker and adoptions. She also had a brother who was in care and we are the seventh home he has been in. The little girl keep asking us if her brother could come live with us. We would see him at the park and we would get him some on the weekends. With you generosity and provide us with a bunk bed we now have the children back in the same home together and are working to try and adopt these two children. The bunkbed is used for our biological son and our Foster son who actually have the same exact birthday. They are like twins. The need that the children have in foster care continues to blow my mind. And I understand that not everyone has been called to be Foster parents. But everyone can help is some way. And I believe that is exactly what you did and meet a huge need that we had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for foster children and PSILOVEYOU ministries.” - Sean & Tami Gosnell

Miss Boiling Springs Foster Care Story

"Their hearts are so big..."

"The enviroment and love shown to each kid and family is a huge blessing. Their hearts are so big and they are so organized. I just feel so blessed by them." - Jennifer Patton

"An awesome ministry"

"An awesome ministry loving foster families through providing needs for foster children. This was birthed through fostering themselves and seeing the need for support. Very organized, clean and loving atmosphere!" Camille Darr