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1,2,3,4... Wellford Academy declared a penny war!

Mrs. Brown is a wonderful Interventionist at Wellford Academy. She is also a busy foster mom with 3 + kiddos in her home. One day at school, she talked with a teacher friend, Mrs. Kinard, about her recent experience with PS I Love You Ministries. They began to ponder... wishing they could give back to the ministry that touches the lives of so many children.

"I know," Mrs. Kinard said, "let's declare a penny war!" They brainstormed some ideas and made some rules to fight fair, they thought of cool prizes all their other teacher friends would want, then created a flier and took the idea to their principal. (Before starting a war, you should always get approval from your boss!)

The principal was excited and encouraged them to make a video explaining it to the rest of the staff. Cups with each teacher's name on them were set out on the stage in the cafeteria to collect the coins. Teachers could add pennies or bills to their own cups to get points, OR they could put silver coins in another cup to take away points from a competitor!

Teachers got excited, students cheered them on and administration supported the epic battle. Points were earned and then taken away, back and forth all week long. In the end, Mrs. Fowler was the victor with 10,081 total points, her cup containing $116.71. But the real winner was PS I Love You Ministries who received a check for $1000.57 to support children in foster care and the families who serve them.

Mrs. Kinard and Mrs. Brown had the opportunity to come to PS I Love You on Valentine's Day to surprise Kay Kirby, the director with a large check and share about their incredible penny war.

One, two, three, four... which school will declare the next war?

If you want more information about hosting a penny war or other collection at your school or business, contact

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