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American Dream OR Make A Difference?

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

A little over 5 years ago, Cynthia and her husband Thayer started babysitting for two friends, who fostered. One friend needed help with new placements, while waiting on daycare to get set up, and another friend was a nurse, who needed help with children when she worked overnight shifts. The couple had two other grown children and it was a blessing to have littles in their home again! One day, Cynthia told Thayer, “Honey, we just need to get licensed. We can either live the American Dream, or we can make a difference in our world.” They became licensed foster parents with Miracle Hill 5 years ago.

Little did Cynthia know, she would desperately need the village of support she was building around her. Thayer passed away suddenly in February 2021, leaving Cynthia with 3 small children in foster care, whose futures were very uncertain. Cynthia went from being the blessing to her friends, to being the one in need. The whole family found the stability they needed from their community. That’s what a village is about!

Cynthia’s village was made of 3 close friends, extended family, her church family, and support from PS I Love You Ministries. Her friends babysat the kids while Cynthia grieved and handled legal and financial decisions. The staff from PS I Love You kept her children, and those of her friends, during the funeral so that her village could attend the service. Others provided meals and made sure their needs were met.

In the weeks following, the village helped Cynthia with practical tasks like finances and technology. They kept the kids busy, doing things with them when Cynthia could not. Her friends arranged multi-family gatherings for holidays so that Cynthia did not feel isolated. There was always an open invitation to share life together, whether it was park days, pool days, or meals after church.

Cynthia received support through PS I Love You as the kids continued growing. Occasional visits to the Resource Center provided clothes, shoes, toys, books, and meals to meet their physical needs. Just 8 months after Thayer passed away, Cynthia decided to walk, with the 3 preschoolers, in a 5K benefiting PS I Love You. She knew that with her village she had the encouragement she needed to finish her race.

In Sept 2022, all 3 children were adopted! Now ages 3, 6, and 7, they are doing amazing at school, growing in their ability to be light-hearted and relaxed, and finding moments of silliness again. Cynthia continues opening her home to foster children in need. Her children, who have benefited from true Christ-centered community, now have the opportunity to be that blessing to other children, as foster siblings; they are able to share the love, generosity, and consistency of a village!

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