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A day in June that changed my life forever...

June 10th, 2002 changed mine and my family's lives forever! Our first placement was a five-day-old baby boy, born addicted to crack-cocaine, and the son of a prostitute. That day, God began to birth a deep passion for children in foster care and that passion birthed PS I Love You. I remember walking out of the hospital on that sunny June day carrying a baby I didn’t give birth to, thinking what just happened? Unending questions began to swirl through my mind…. What if his birth mom gets clean and gets him back? What if we get too attached? Will we get to adopt him? Will he call me Mama? 

My heart began to break for God’s kids who are helpless and innocent. That five-day-old baby couldn’t speak up for himself; he couldn’t feed himself or provide food or shelter. He was completely helpless, just like thousands of innocent children caught in the crossfires of adults in their lives. Birth parents are supposed to care for and protect their own, but instead, they are neglecting or abusing them physically and emotionally. 

Foster care is messy and undeserving for the victims it takes. The lives of foster children hang in the balance for months, and sometimes years, waiting for decisions to be made. Often they have multiple moves into different foster homes due to behaviors resulting from trauma they have endured. 

We are called to “care for the orphan in their distress” James 1:27. I am thankful God used our experience to birth the PS I Love You Resource Center to provide for the physical needs of foster children, as well as the Training Center to help foster parents be better equipped to foster “HIS kids”.

Thousands of children have benefited from the resources you have provided. We could not do this without your kind support! Foster Care……..”Father to the fatherless….is God” Psalm 68:5

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