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a lonely journey

Susan's transition into foster care was a whirlwind! She had general training, but very little preparation or information about the behavioral, mental or educational needs of her new foster children. Their needs quickly became apparent, but there was no clear pathway to services or solutions.

Her new normal became a lonely journey of meltdowns, research, and failed attempts to get diagnoses and services. Susan never confided with others about the struggles, for fear that her children would be treated differently.

There was no community.

After 2 years they received an educational diagnosis. It took 7 years to find a counselor, who specialized in children with trauma, and 10 years went by before she found true community within a support group.

Because of that experience, God birthed a deep passion to make sure that foster families have support, education, practical trainings, tools, and connections to professional

resources in our area.

At PS I Love You, we are that support! We show foster parents the path

and walk it with them.

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1 Comment

Dec 28, 2023

Susan is a blessing of encouragement and prayer at the sincerest level. 🥰

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