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What is in a PSILY Birthday Bag?

Children in foster care experience birthdays just like every other person, except birthdays can be really hard. Just imagine... your life has been completely uprooted, new place, new school, new home, new rules and you won't even get to see your biological family on your birthday. But then your foster parents plan a special surprise! This special gift includes party supplies, decorations, and small treats, where your new family can plan a special evening... just for YOU!

At PS I Love You, we recognize that this is such a sensitive day. Hosting a birthday party when children may or may not feel settled enough to invite their new friends, or even worse what if the new friends from school don't show up?!? By providing party decorations, supplies, cake mix, and icing the family can plan an evening at home and use the experience to meet the emotional needs of the child as they focus on bonding as a family!

If you are interested in providing birthday bags, please contact PS I Love You, 864.586.1611 before beginning a collection. The community is always so generous, that there may be more urgent needs at the time of your collection.

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