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PS I Love You Ministries - Spartanburg, SC

PS I Love You Ministries

supports the needs of children in foster care
and the families who serve them  


The Resource Center at PS I Love You helps to meet the physical needs of foster children from head to toe, for FREE. Foster families visit our clothing closet at the arrival of a new placement, season changes, or after a growth spurt of their current foster child/children. Everything we provide is FREE for foster families. We provide clothes, shoes, underwear, socks, diapers, wipes, baby equipment, toys, Bibles, books, and a Care Bag for foster children. In 2023, PS I Love You had 1,665 visits to Resource Center, giving away more than 70,000 items to children in foster care.

PS I Love You, located at 135 Metro Drive in Spartanburg, has grown tremendously in the past few years expanding our Resource Center and creating a NEW Donation Center (121 Metro Drive). We are blessed to be able to expand and provide more resources to meet the needs for children in foster care.  As we receive an abundance of clothing from the community, we often partner with other ministries to share resources. Items are not sold.

PS I Love You Ministries - Spartanburg, SC
PS I Love You Ministries - Spartanburg, SC
PS I Love You Ministries - Spartanburg, SC


PS I Love You Ministries has been meeting the physical needs of foster children for over 10 years, but families need more than just physical resources.  Fostering can be a very hard and isolating journey. As the ministry has grown there are countless opportunities to meet emotional, social and spiritual needs of the whole family.  Moms need to gather and encourage one another. Licensed foster parents need trainings specific to developmental and behavioral struggles of the children they parent.  Foster families need the community intentionally praying over their families.  All of these things happen in the context of community.  It truly takes a village to support foster families. Our *NEW* Training Center is the home base for the village to gather, encourage, train, and pray.

What if there was more than enough...?

Stories of Love

PS I Love You Ministries - Foster / Adopting

Foster / Adopt

Foster children are waiting for homes, our desire is that we would have “Godly foster homes waiting for children”.

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PS I Love You Ministries - Pray


Please join us in praying for the “least of these” here and around the world. Click here to get a more specific list of ways to pray for the orphan.

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